Isaac's Dream is to provide primary education free of charge to Liberian children who can't pay the fees to go to school.  A native of Liberia, D. Isaac Mayon noted on a return visit home from America that many children were not in school because their parents could not afford the fees, transportation, and supplies. 

Even with existing programs, including church and non-governmental organization funded schools, the literacy rate in Liberia is astoundingly low. 

Isaac and his family donated land in Liberia where the first school has been built.  A non-profit organization called Bear Another’s Burdens Ministry of Christ (BABMOC) has established supervisory boards in the USA and in Liberia. 

The first school is now open for elementary grades K thru 4th and will provide feedback for defining how best BABMOC can meet their needs with an expanding program for older grades and more schools. 

The hope is that this project will serve as a model and an example for others to join in the goal of providing fees-free education to all the children of Liberia. 

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Fees-Free Education for all in Liberia!

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Isaac's Dream -


Isaac's Dream is to provide primary education free of charge to all the children of Liberia.

  • Love for all
  • Honesty in all we do
  • Respect for one another


To provide educational services to Liberians, including free primary education to children with parents or guardians who cannot afford the cost to send and/or keep them in school, while winning more souls to Christ through voluntary after school programs.

Our Mission

We have built and opened an elementary school in Liberia, West Africa, providing completely fees-free education to 140 children who were not attending school.  Above is a photo of the start of school September, 2019.  The school now has grades Kingergarten (K-2) through 5th Grade and we plan to expand to the 6th Grade next year.  With the help of the United Methodist Church Global Missions, we constructed a water supply system that provides running water to indoor flush toilets.  You can be part of providing these children free education and showing that it is feasible in Liberia.

The Internal Revenue Service recognizes Bear Another's Burdens Ministry of Christ (BABMOC) as a Section 501(c)(3) public charity. Gifts to BABMOC made in the USA are tax deductible.  Our Federal Tax ID # is 46-4337454.

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