Bear Another's Burdens Ministry Of Christ

176 backpacks donated by the good people of Northeast Tennessee made it to the BABMOC School! Also shipped were 176 spiral notebooks, 880 colored pencils and crayons, 1059 erasers, 1271 pencils, 530 pens, 235 pencil sharpners, and 52 books! 

The Board of BABMOC wishes to thank all the supporters of BABMOC’s mission in Liberia.  Because of your generosity, we were able to execute a home learning program in March.  With the help of radio lessons broadcast by the government of Liberia, our students remained engaged while conventional schooling was suspended due to the COVID - 19 pandemic.  This also meant that school lasted well into the summer.

We are grateful for our teachers and parents for their efforts in carrying out the home learning for our students realizing that this effort, in a real way, kept the children off the streets during this vulnerable time.

In keeping with the Ministry of Education’s mandate that every school administer a one-time assignment test to determine promotion to the next grade level, we are carrying this out during September while preparing for academic school year 2020 – 2021 which is expected to start mid-December.

Johnson City News and Neighbor Second Article:

BABMOC Making Strides at School in Liberia

Since organizing a charitable organization to help Isaac Mayon further his dream of providing free education to all children in Liberia, a group of local medical professionals and members of the faith community who support Bear Another’s Burdens Ministry of Christ (BABMOC) have accomplished a lot in the West African nation.

The organization successfully built an elementary school in the town of Monrovia to serve children who were not attending school because their parents could not afford the cost of fees, transportation, supplies and the other incidentals required with school attendance. The group has added a fifth grade classroom to the existing school, which is now serving 150 K-5 students who don’t have to pay fees to attend.

A grant from the United Methodist Committee on Relief allowed a water tower and plumbing to be added to the facility, which means the restrooms now have indoor water. The group is now collecting donations that will allow for the completion of a sixth-grade classroom, an assembly hall and more restrooms.

Support has been strong in Johnson City, where Covenant Presbyterian Church, the Pathfinders Sunday School Class at First United Methodist, and other members of the community have made the progress possible. The group’s donor base has expanded to include the Virgil Anderson Sunday School at Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church as well as a couple businesses and more individual medical professionals.

Dr. Matthew Cary, the chairperson of BABMOC, said he is hopeful funds can be raised to make the next round of improvements and additions to the school before September.