Bear Another's Burdens Ministry Of Christ

BABMOC is serious about providing fees-free education and that includes books. No child is turned away because their parents can't afford the cost of their books.  

Our Story: 

BABMOC (Bear Another’s Burdens Ministry of Christ BABMOC) is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity, public tax ID# 46-4337454 with the goal of providing elementary education to children in Liberia, starting with children whose families otherwise would not be able to afford the cost of attending school.  The BABMOC School currently offers Kindergarten thru 4th grade classes. 

For over a decade, the West African country of Liberia was engulfed in a civil war resulting in the deaths of 250,000 people. In the course of this civil war, 80% of schools were destroyed. When the conflict came to an end in 2003, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia wrote a final report on the conflict which cited that lack of education was one of the leading causes of the war. Despite that report, education for the children in Liberia has not substantially improved. According to UN sources, a staggering 65% of Liberian children were not attending school as of 2014 due to inability to afford the costs of tuition, fees, transportation, and school supplies. Currently, only half of the adult population of Liberia can read and write. 

These statistics were deeply troubling to Isaac Mayon, a Liberian-born educator who has spent the last several years living and working in the United States. After returning home to Liberia and seeing the lack of educational opportunities for children firsthand, Mayon started the organization in 2009 with the goal of providing a free education to the children of Liberia. Last year, Isaac Mayon and his team - built BABMOC’s first school in Kpelle Town Community in Monrovia. In September, 2017, the school officially opened. There were immediately more children hoping to attend school than the 60 students initially enrolled. Today, the current enrollment of the BABMOC School is 118 students. The staff consists of five full-time teachers, a full-time administrator, and part-time janitors and groundskeepers. 

BABMOC has a seven-member volunteer board of trustees which includes professionals from the fields of medicine, mental health services, education, and business. The board is dedicated to continuing to identify ways to grow, fund, and sustain the BABMOC School.



In 2014, out of every 100 school-age children, only 35 were in school (National Education Profile of Liberia, 2014). School fees—such as for uniforms, books, and exams—are not affordable for many families, and this prevents their children from receiving an education. Consequently, the lack of educational opportunities for children results in families being locked in the cycle of poverty for generations. 


The BABMOC School has established the short-term goal of setting up and operating a fees-free elementary school, including for uniforms and books, for children whose parents cannot afford the cost to send and/or keep them in school, beginning in Monrovia and surrounding areas. The long-term outcome is that there will be fee-free schools developed and maintained in every county so that each child in Liberia can receive at least an elementary school education.